Amateur Allure


Amateur Allure Discount


Only $26 bucks for a single month

and $25 bucks a month for three months


Amateur Allure might seem ordinary to you, but what you are doing is judging this porno site before you really know what’s what! The guy who is behind this site is called Thomas. He loves working with sexy gals and he loves letting them have a serious go at his shlong!

The gals are clearly the reason why anyone would visit this site since they are so darn sexy. And the site proves that it has more up its sleeve by not letting the label of “a simple blowjob site” stick. How? Let’s find out! The site looks really nice and the layout is uncomplicated, which is always a welcomed thing! You will see different sections inside this site. One of them is the update section and then there is the “BTS” and “friends” section. The latter two will give you more material (bonus). You will be able to see the most highly rated action as well as some throw back oldies.

The site features 571+ videos and 571+ picture galleries. They have a super consistent updating schedule that sees you holding new material every week. As for the scene format, you will have mov, windows media, flv, and mp4. That means options galore! The pictures should give you something to really moon over since they are nicely shot photos. The site has a daily download limitation of 25 GB. You can save the pics using the zip file that they give you inside. Thomas likes talking to the gals. He talks a lot with the gals and in so doing, opens them up before showing us their sexy asses and bodies. You will see lots of cumshots inside since this is one of his trademarks. The dude also does some hardcore pounding of some of the chicks and everyone seems to be enjoying every second of it!

The action inside this site is definitely all shades of hot. Some people will appreciate the innocence that the gals display right before they start sucking cock. Others will like the way the production happens and how there is matching background music for the films. Some will like the instructional approach that this dude takes as he shows the gals how to truly gobble long cock. There is something for everyone! Is the Amateur Allure discount worth investing in? Will it fulfil your desires for amateur porno? We think the answer is yes and yes. The high quality material inside is mouth filling good! Check them out!

Met Art


Met Art Discount


Only $20 bucks for a single month

and $8 bucks a month for twelve months


MET Art has (and for the foreseeable future will have) the most super slick and exciting softcore in the industry! They have been operational for more than a decade so you know that they have the expertise when it comes to producing. Apart from the obvious high quality material, are there any more advantages of belonging to this site?

Sophistication has always been the way that they do their thing. They tapped into a market that wants porno that is erotic unlike the mainstream hardcore material currently available. They also were very serious about bringing the sexiest ladies that this planet has to offer. The kind of gals that this site constantly provides is young and fascinating. There is always that feeling of innocence that these guys are constantly preoccupied with. The gals inside divinely tease you with their sexy bodies and have turned many porn lovers of erotica into true addicts!

And to make the material more engaging, they have worked hard to make sure their production quality is HD. There is lots of soft sucking, disrobing, gal-gal scenes, but the focus never strays far from beautiful erotica. There are even some solo scenes where the sexy babes pleasure themselves while pleasuring you as you watch! In their massive collection, you will find they have 13300+ picture sets. They really do love producing pictures and that is why they have some 187 images inside each set. You will have a nifty zip file for downloading.

Not only known for their professional, super exotic pictures, they have produced some 1020+ scenes. The massive Met Art discount video options they give you when it comes to formats include flv, mp4, windows media, avi, mov, 3gp, and mpeg. Oh yeah, the 4000-pixel pictures will knock you out with clarity that few pornsites can match! The newer films that they have produced are HD quality. You will have features inside that will let you search for material very fast. Plus, there is the model index, information, and even a newsletter that you can subscribe to.

This site has given masters and gurus of erotica photography a serious platform where they can exercise their skills to the fullest. They have material from all the greats, and the material they have produced has earned them countless awards. The site has proven time and time again that artwork, babes, professionalism, erotica, can all coexist inside a marvelous site that is easy to use. And with more than 3000 models, you can bet that you will spend lots of hours watching every single thing that these guys make. It’s impossible to have any lingering doubts as to the ability of this site to give you the best erotica you have ever seen!

MET Art material is refined and some of the best softcore in the market right now. They push the envelope, and take this niche higher and higher. You need to check them out, that’s all we will say on this subject!



Tainster Discount


Only $10 bucks a month for one month


Tainster is a wide network comprising of 21 premium quality sites that covers different exciting porn niches. At the same time it offers a platform for members to communicate and connect with each other.

It seems that group sex is one of their favorite niches. They hold parties that bring together all the guys and the babes in one location where they engage indiscriminate hardcore group sex. You will get these kinds of activities in a number of their sites such as the Party Hardcore as well as the Drunk Sex Orgy. They also love crazy cumshots where a number of guys will rain cum all over a girl’s face from all directions. Check out sites like Slime Wave for such kind of crazy stuff.

Another game that Tainster seems to love is the pissing game. Guys piss on the girls anywhere from their boobs to their faces. The babes also rain their piss on the guys. I guess you will enjoy seeing a jet of piss coming from that sweet pussy of your favorite girl. If that is the case, then check out their site entitled Pissing in Action and enjoy the game. The design of the site is user friendly, with large thumbnails representing each scene. Clicking on them will lead you to the content associated with that particular niche. You may also decide to navigate from one page to the next as you look for the kind of scene that would excite you.

You can subscribe expecting to get around 3,180 movies and over 3,030 photo sets. For the videos, you can stream them live online or download them using a variety of formats including MP4 files with full HD format for the recent updates. The photos come in zip packs and look decent too.

I would recommend Tainster to lovers of threesomes and group hardcore sex with a touch of exciting, out of the ordinary and daring sexual adventures. If that defines you, visit the site and discover what is in store for you.

Hegre Art


Hegre Art Discount


Only $30 bucks a month for one month

and $12 bucks a month for twelve months


Hegre Art is a warehouse of the most erotic photos and films covering the most gorgeous and sexy models across the globe. If a model is sexy enough, you will find her photos in this website. Whether you are looking for American, Asian, European or African models, you will find all of them in their archives.

The site was founded by one of the most respected geniuses of erotic photography by the name Petter Hegre. Since 2002, the site has been uploading erotic photos and films enabling them to build one of the largest collections of softcore porn content. Currently, they have in store more then 3,000 photo galleries and hundreds of videos featuring over 200 top models from across the world. The high resolution photos come with eight image sizes that can be viewed online or downloaded for future use. The videos also look amazing and can be downloaded in MP4 files with the newer ones offering you ultra HD quality.

The design of the site looks professional and navigating through it will not require any knowledge in rocket science. Sorting the content is simply a walk in the park with enough tools to help you out. You can use the model index which comes with finer specifications such as the country of origin, niche, hair color, bust and many other categories. There is a separate category for travels and massages which will interest you with deeper action.

They have allowed members to leave comments which you will find very useful in choosing the videos to download or stream using the embedded flash. You will appreciate that the loading speed is impressive as compared to other sites offering similar content. Their videos run for up to 15 minutes. Expect to see solo models as well as lesbians and boy/girl softcore content. Your membership will also include the iHegre site which will allow you to access their content from anywhere using your phone and other portable devices.

Their updates alternate from videos to photo sets. However, photos come in more often than the videos. They also give you some soothing background music in the videos though you will also get to hear the sounds from the models. There is not a single reason that would make me hesitate recommending Hegre Art to all those whole love glamour, romance and softcore porn.

ALS Scan


ALS Scan Discount


Only $20 bucks for a single month

and $8 bucks a month for twelve months


ALS Scan is now bigger and better and providing you with teens and softcore plus hardcore. They are high quality in their production efforts and we were drooling by the time we finished reviewing them. This is what we found!

First thing we loved was the huge amount of babes this site has. The gals were doing stuff like fingering their sexy holes, inserting toys, posing, sucking, masturbating, and fucking the happy dudes inside. The material inside is nothing short of heavenly and highly erotic.

All Ladies Shaved (ALS) favors the hairless among us. They favor those who love showing those lovely lips and shaved pussies. They have been against hair for quite some time now since they first came out in 96. Now, they have become part of the ever-growing MET ART network empire but still maintained their pubic-free individualism and unique brand production.

Membership is very pocket friendly and they promise that they will give you more behind scene footage, more gals, more casting videos, more picture shoots, and more of their shaved beautiful production. These are all terrific reasons why you should join them but if you require more, here we go!

You will not be able to resist the gals included with our ALS Scan discount membership. Why? They are ranked highly bang-able in the porn industry and you will find many familiar faces in their galleries. The gals are from the US and Europe and you will see many new comers with different sexual talents that will keep you hard and aroused.

Quality is something that is synonymous with the name of this site ever since they came to entertain nubile-teen porn lovers. The picture galleries have different high res sizes that you can choose. And to go along with the quality, they also offer huge quantity, 2230-plus image galleries.

The movies are superb visually and they have lots of HD scenes waiting for you. The site has over 1827 movies with 1080p and 720p HD formats available. The shot and angles from the videos are top notch and the production value of everything inside is certified gold, if you ask us!

Not content with what they already have to offer, these guys alternate video and picture updates every day. The deal is to give you something new to fantasize over every day just in case you somehow manage to watch all the action plus bonus material inside, which is definitely a very hard thing to do!

Any problems you will have to face? Well, you won’t be able to access other MET ART sites inside since you will have to pay more to get access to the individual sites. But then again, why would you ever want to leave this nubile-filled-pornsite that has all the great action you need, right? Other issues are simply minor and can be shuffled away so that you can fully enjoy what you have signed up for. The saucy stew that ALS Scan is serving up is something you will love a lot. They have shaved gals doing nasty action and bodies that will drive you nuts. Membership here is certainly not a waste of your time, check them out!



AmKingdom Discount


Only $25 bucks a month for two months

and $21 bucks a month for three months


AmKingdom has the kind of diversity when it comes to women that no porn lover can pass up easily. They concentrate on young nubile women who are between 18 and 23 years old. They also like bringing fresh faces so you will have lots of eye candy to plough through!

The kind of gals that these guys offer are sexually liberated teens who have no fear of showing off for the camera. They also have an amazing collection of pics and videos.

The teen theme is ubiquitous throughout, yes, but the gals do different kind of sexual exploration. The site maintains the strict standards they began with…hot looking women and nothing short of stunning beauty! The teens show off their enticing bodies, make you hot with the toy play, solo scenes, masturbate, gal-gal action, and even hairy scenes.

Inside the AmKingdom members area is where you can get a good idea of the kind of porno they love to produce. The ATK logo hangs proud on the top page announcing that you have definitely arrived to teen seventh heaven. The various content inside can all be viewed using different tools and navigation features offered. There is place where you will see links that will take you to bonus action. This bonus material is in the form of DVD, web cam, but you will be asked for a bit more cash in order to use these services (unless they changed this policy!)

The model directory is full of teens all neatly placed in alphabetical order. Other things you will find inside include thumbnails that show you sneak previews. There is a place for news and updates where members can find out what’s the best and latest. There is information about the models linked to the videos, running time for the clips, and even the rating and score given to the individual action inside.

The old action can still be retrieved using the simple navigation features offered and the links. You will find material categorized according to fame i.e. most popular to least. Click on what you want and you are taken to pictures and film galleries where streaming and downloading happens.

This hotspot is no stranger to teen porn and that means they have gallons of material for members. A veteran of the game, they have managed to come up with more than 9533 films and more than 26948 picture galleries. You will not want another teen-centered porn provider because these guys with their daily updates and huge galleries are just going to keep you busy for such a long time! Surprise surprise, the action inside is exclusive to these guys and not generic stuff off the street. Just pick any point to start and you will be surrounded by sexy nubile and their tempting little bodies all the time!

The quality inside varies. As you go further back, you will see the movies and pics drop in resolution quality. As you move forward, you will have 1080p HD and high res images. They also have file formats like mp4, mov, and windows media. Lets list the pros just one more time; massive amount of material, daily updates, HD and high res quality, Navigation savvy site, and a plethora of sexual teens. Now let’s list the cons; older material is not HD and high res. Look at the difference and tell us that this site is not worth checking out!

There is simply no way lovers of teen porn can ever be seriously disappointed with the action that AmKingdom is offering. With minor faults and major advantages for members, joining is just simply the right thing to do, right? So do it!

Black TGirls


Black TGirls Discount


Only $24 bucks a month for three months

and $20 bucks a month for six months


Black TGirls is special for special people with special needs that involve special shemales! Those who love watching shemale action can really get loose inside this site. The reason why this is possible is the ebony shemales inside and what they deliver to your screen just for your pleasure!

They are black and proud and you will love the Nubian she-dicks and all the little tricks they do while getting some satisfaction. This site pays homage and puts the black shemales on the center stage where you can worship them all day and all night. 

The trannies inside are sexy seductress who have incredible thighs, bouncy asses, and very skilled mouths that can suck and suck and suck hot shlongs until that frothy white liquid shoots out high into the air! The chocolate trannies know what to do, how to do it, how to present it, and how to make hardcore porn action.

All this vivid description will still not prepare you for what you are about to witness inside Black TGirls. There is a lot of material inside that just gets better and more erotic the deeper you thrust into the galleries. 

The site has 1106 plus shemale models inside. And out of all these gals with black shlongs, you will find various pictures and movies that they star in. There are some models who are more prolific at making and dishing out their dick-sexy material. Either way you still get some nice variety.

They also have some 3580 plus pictures that will make you cum or get pretty close to Cumming! You will see many High-Resolution images, so the overall quality of the material inside is definitely above average.

There are scenes where the black shemales simply have some solo fun. These scenes are awesome! There are other times when two shemales meet and the action becomes super erotic hardcore shemale-on-shemale. 

Then there are the scenes where a male and a shemale do the freaky-dicky business that results in orgasms/cum being spilled all over the place. The action even involves black shemales and sexy females, so you have a wide selection to choose from.

The site has some bonus action and an interactive forum for members to talk and chat. They still have a weekly updating schedule that sees various pictures and movies added. If you want this unique and special ebony shemale niche material, all you have to do is join the quality site… Black TGirls!

ATK Galleria


ATK Galleria Discount


Only $25 bucks a month for two months

and $21 bucks a month for three months


ATK Galleria is incredibly good at what it does. What does it do? They provide stimulating softcore and hardcore porn featuring lots of teen and young adults. They have a throng of sexy young models inside. Each gal has a unique quality about her that makes her very entertaining to watch. They also have daily updates so you know every day is a holiday inside this site (so to speak!).

Is your membership to this site worth it? Well that is what we aim to find out! The term galleria implies a warehouse of sorts where different things can be found inside. This is exactly what this site has to offer, “Different things”, but these “things” tend to be highly erotic and downright freaky in nature! They really do mix things up inside this site.

The darlings that are featured in the High Res images and High Definition videos are gorgeous without a doubt! They also like the amateurish style of porn, so, be prepared for lots of that inside the galleries. The gals will masturbate, strip seductively, display, prod, finger, and suck and lick so erotically that you will have no option but to get hard and “discharge!” 

The site has ZIP file that you can customize and a lot of material inside their galleries. The breasts are great, the feet are sexy, the bodies banging, the lips so succulent, and generally things look very good and High Quality inside the galleries. They currently have some 26948 picture galleries and 9533 scenes inside. That is definitely value for your money! The models inside all fall in-between the ages of 18 to 25, so no old sagging breasts inside. 

You will also see some well-known faces inside and some very alluring new ones. There is a search tool loaded with options to help you select the kind of gal that makes you cream excessively. You will find gals with piercings, glasses, tattoos, big ass, big tits, blondes, and so on.

As we said, they have High Res and High Def action so quality is definitely superb. The design of the site is simplistic and lacks the flashy designs of other flashy sites. They have simple color schemes, which might look dull, but once you get into the action you will quickly forget this point. 

The material inside the ATK Galleria website is also not completely exclusive, but then again, that is a small issue since there is hundreds and thousands of pics and movies inside. You will not lack material to watch. As you can deduce for yourself, these guy like pictures more than the movies, but they still update movies throughout the week so have no fear.

They have it all, high quality, sexy teen models, hundreds of movies and pics, great navigation…they have it all! If you want teen amateur action, young hardcore sex, and the most beautiful faces in the porn industry, we feel you need to join this site.

Public Pickups


Public Pickups Discount


Only $15 bucks for a single month

and $10 bucks a month for twelve months


Public Pickups offer a lot of hot girls getting picked up despite the use of corny lines. It does not matter when it turns out they are such experts at bed. For bonuses, you are going to get access to the entire Mofos Network which features a lot of variety from the other 13 sites in the network. For some reason, none of the verbal interaction here is in English but you don’t have to worry about that since they do use subtitles here.

There are 92 scenes and all of them have corresponding video caps which means not much images to show off here. The action here takes place in a public place but that does not mean it is in a place full of people staring in awe. It means it is in a public place but an isolated one so they would not get ashamed about what they are doing to each other.

All the Public Pickups videos start with one guy holding a camera and he goes around to find girls to lift up their shirt to expose their tits for the camera. It does not take long before he offers more money for the girl to do more things like getting fucked from behind and sucking the nasty cock of the dude. They have a lot to offer in terms of bonuses as they offer a bunch of full length DVDs apart from the bonus sites.

This site is certainly worth joining with the Public Pickups discount special, if you are ready for some amateur action at a good price. It won’t take long before you bring your hard cock out of your underwear and jack it off like an expert. The girls here are so hot too and you would wish they are sitting right beside you right now while you enjoy their short videos.

Dancing Bear


Dancing Bear Discount


Only $15 bucks for a single month

and $10 bucks a month for twelve months


At Dancing Bear, you are going to experience some girls get it on with male strippers dressed up as a bear. The strippers dance like hell which is why they call it Dancing Bear. It does not take long before they take off that costume and some girls decide to get naked with them. Most of them suck his huge cock as it is a mystery how he keeps his cock hard all the time. It is too bad you won’t be able to post comments here though as that would not be granted. There is no advanced search here too and the updates don’t really happen that often. There are 102 episodes here and they are all exclusive to the site.

The girls here act differently as some would voluntarily take off their clothes while some would just watch their friends get fucked from behind. These strippers are not the ones you normally see in the clubs since they allow their bodies to get into the action. It is not the normal look but don’t touch routine.

It is hard not to get an erection here as there is a scene where a guy compares the asses of the ladies he was dancing to then slaps each and every one of them like it was his. Who would not want to be in that situation? Most of these videos occur in an all girl party which basically means it is either a bachelor party or a sorority initiation type of thing. Whatever the occasion is, we probably don’t care as long as these girls are game for the party that is presented to them. It is non stop dancing for the gigolo and he must have the best job in the world but it is probably going to be difficult to have a body like his so it is hard to envy him.

Did we mention our Dancing Bear discount now being offered? Keep in mind that all of the girls would go crazy over a body like that so it must worth all that effort if you could get a lot of girls to stare at your body like it was nothing. It sure is amazing to see these girls suck the guy’s cock one by one even if they know all of their saliva would mix up in there. They won’t care as long as all of them including the gigolo would have such a good time.

Haze Her


Haze Her Discount


Only $15 bucks for a single month

and $10 bucks a month for one year


Haze Her is a website that focuses entirely on lesbian porn, but then that is not exactly a bad thing is it? These chicks know how to make each other have an orgasm, but this time things are slightly different as the site deals with a genre that I like to call sorority porn and it is clear that college has never been so much fun before.

The action here is hot and raunchy and you are going to wish that you were back in college because you are pretty sure nothing like this went on in your day. They claim that they are home movies, but we do not actually care if that is true or not because the main thing is that these chicks are hot and they are getting off in front of us.

The content is superb quality and you get to see mainly group lesbian fucking, so clearly you will always be entertained. The new recruits are forced into doing all kinds of sex acts in front of others with the idea being to humiliate them, but they seem to end up enjoying it anyway. Some of them are even forced into sucking cock and surely that is the most humiliating thing when they just want to lick and fuck pussy?

The site itself is relatively new, so you can excuse the fact that it just has over 50 videos to check out. This site is what I like to call a slow burner because there is not that much going on, but they are going to build content steadily and at least each scene that they put on there is shot to a high standard and is certainly hot to watch.

If you can forget about the lack of content, at least in a numbers sense, and focus on what they do have, then you will see that this is a site that is actually pretty good. Haze Her shows another side to college girls and it answers your questions as to what was going on behind those closed doors.

Fucked Hard 18


Fucked Hard 18 Discount


Only $18 bucks for a single month


The thing that immediately struck me about Fucked Hard 18 when I landed on their home page was that the name itself was very appropriate for what was clearly on offer at this site. These chicks really are 18 and boy are they being fucked hard, so I knew I was in for a treat as a member.

You see the content on this website is completely exclusive to them, so that does mean that they shoot it and put it up and do not just buy content from elsewhere and throw it into a huge pile. I love this because when I join a site I want it to be brand new to me, so they get a big thumbs up straight away.

The one single idea of this site is that these chicks have turned up for a massage, but of course they end up getting more than they bargained for and eventually end up being fucked. OK, I do sometimes wish that they would vary the content a bit, but there are enough different chicks on there to keep things interesting and of course it is always hot seeing them being fucked. These girls love to take it in every single hole and boy do some of them scream when they are having that orgasm.

You have well over 300 different episodes to check out and the average length is close to 40 minutes. You do also have the same number of photo sets to check out as well, and they have in the region of 175 pics per set, so that is a lot of porn. The fact that it is all shot in HD and High Resolution is just a bonus because I do admit that I am a stickler when it comes to wanting to see everything in real detail.

The only problem with Fucked Hard 18 is that it seems to just update once a week, but every new scene is out of this world and you even end up really looking forward to the time when it is put up. This site will make you want to become a masseur just do not expect to be able to fuck your clients like these guys do because surely that would not be professional?

Nubile Films


Nubile Films Discount


Only $20 bucks for a single month

and $9 bucks a month for twelve months


I have to admit that there are times where what I want out of porn changes. At times I want to have the bad acting and cheesy storylines before they fuck, but on other occasions I prefer it to be more arty and sensual and that is where Nubile Films really does come into its own.

You see, this site is all about erotica and sensuality, but at the same time it is still full of hardcore sex featuring some of the most gorgeous women I have probably ever seen. They are all between the ages of 18 and 23, but they have completely natural bodies and I absolutely love seeing them naked just like any decent pervert would.

When it comes to the action that I see before me, well it is simply out of this world. They do a fantastic job of setting the scene and the mood with their entire approach to sex, but then you still get to see absolutely everything from every conceivable angle before they come to a shuddering climax. It is of course all shot in HD and they have hundreds of scenes for you to check out and you will want to look at every single one as well. Then there’s the Nubile Films discount that just will make you even more crazy about this site.

The people behind the site have also added a nice little feature whereby there is a small bio about the different models that are on their site. This is very useful and it just makes you feel as if you know them a bit better before you see them being pleasured in a scene. I wish other sites did this as you feel like you are getting value for your money when they go that extra mile with what they can offer you.

Nubile Films is a fantastic website with fantastic girls, hot sex, and a great layout and navigation system. They are clearly going from strength to strength and their library is also expanding every single week with regular updates. Yes this site is not for you if you want the real in your face hardcore porn, but if you realize that there is more to sex than that, then this should be a pleasure for you to check out.

ATK Exotics


ATK Exotics Discount


Only $25 bucks a month for two months

and $21 bucks a month for three months


One of the best things about porn is that you get to see different people from different backgrounds having sex before you. This is what ATK Exotics is all about as it focuses on hot amateur girls of different ethnic backgrounds and I have to say that they have compiled quite a cool collection making this a website that should certainly interest a lot of people.

As soon as you land on their home page you are taking for a tour around the world as there are Latinas, Ebony, Indian, Asian, and any other ethnic background that you care to think about and you can tell from the thumbnails that they are getting up to all kinds of hot and horny action. We are talking about hardcore fucking as well as them having scenes that are more about certain fetishes such as foot worship. They do also have softcore material on there and a rather cool thing that they do is to clearly separate the two, so you should never get lost on their site.

The girls themselves do tend to be slim, but they are also mainly natural and there are a few curvier girls thrown in if you look hard enough. The amount of content that they have on ATK Exotics is pretty amazing as you are looking at 1 million images, yes that is not a typo, as well as thousands of scenes for you to watch at your leisure. The quality of the content does vary slightly, but then when you are dealing with amateurs it does add a certain something to it as long as you can still see everything quite clearly of course.

My overall conclusion of this site is that it is a cool idea and one that they have done well to put together. I love being able to see this mixture of hot girls fucking and with so much content on there to choose from you will certainly never be bored. ATK Exotics is undoubtedly a website that you should seriously consider visiting and then joining because I did and I very much doubt that I will ever leave.

Digital Desire


Digital Desire Discount


Only $15 bucks for a single month

and $8 bucks a month for one year


If you have bottomless desire and cravings for High Quality, erotically produced, multiple niche sexing, then Digital Desire is your panacea for sure! It’s how they do their thing, plus the material, producers, and performers that they use that makes their action so freaking intriguing. They have superb photos, pulsating videos, and a knack for making us shoot white juices all over the keyboard any time we review their action! 

The last time we peaked under their dress, they had 1133+ videos. These videos (a large percentage at least) are very High Quality action, with many bringing High Definition color and sound. The material that has been added to the site and lasted for a couple of years is very watchable, but may not be High Definition.

A lot of the material inside involves solo play, lesbian, toy fornication, and pussy display with the focus always revolving around quality, eroticism, artistic porn. With these guys, you get production that puts things and small touches like background music that gives way to the ever-pleasing moaning sounds of babes. Nothing is ever “overdone” or “under-produced” inside this site, they strive to make everything just right! 

The beauty of the gals inside this site can only be compared to mythological Greek goddess of beauty, Aphrodite! You will be zooming-in on the perfection of their bodies and be smiling with wicked lust when you check out these gals. From the picture gallery, some 2916+ photos are spewed forth for you to look at. You are given the .zip pack file for downloading and slideshow features inside.

A beautiful gal, shot in High Quality, High Resolution, alluring scenes is going to make anyone stop whatever they are doing, and just sip it all in. This is what happens inside this site. The “professional handlers of the camera lenses” know the right angles, settings, girls, positions, lighting, and all the little tricks of the trade to make you sweat like you are in a sauna! 

You will be ever so glad that you took your time and checked out the Digital Desire discount opportunity. The updating schedule shifts from 2 to 4 videos every week, while the pictures are posted in the “in-between days”. They have other services, features, forums, and interactive goodies to keep you circling their site ever busy, and constantly aroused.

Beauty is piled on beauty to create more beauty! That is what we feel these guys have been doing, and continue to do to us, and all their members. We recommend you give Digital Desire some serious consideration, if you want sultry babes in High Quality action!

Peter North


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Spending over two decades in one professional field is something that deserves praise. When you consider the fact that it is the porn industry, you come to have a new found respect for one “Peter North!”

This legend has been fornication on-screen longer than some break-out porn stars in the market today. You simply have to respect this dude. He now has made a shrine-of-sorts where his fan and non-fans (haters) can come and see his impressive material.

The site goes by his simple name, but it is far from simple by any standards. Lets delve in and see what kind of sexy filth we can smear ourselves with inside this site. 

Those of you who have followed this legend’s rise to immortality know that there are various sites out there he has produced over the years. They are good, but this official site is better! This is the spot where North seems to spend all his sexual energy and creativity nowadays.

Fans have no option but to join this site, while spectators and hatters can sample what Peter North has done for the industry, to the industry, for better or worse (mostly it’s for the better, but we are impartial cause we love Mr. North – the cumshot legend!) Inside this magnificent collection of hardcore material, you will run into some 2868+ videos that have been titrated from various DVD productions North has done over the years. 

If you consider the cumulative jizz that has been dropped inside all these videos, it’s enough to fill a big tank and then some! The site says that they have High Definition videos numbering 579+, and you can have them streamed or downloaded, the options are there and so are the formats and tools. Quality playback is what members receive on the videos that aren’t earmarked as High Definition.

Peter is not omnipresent, that is, he makes lots of appearances in the movies, but he doesn’t appear on each scene, inside each babe, jizzing on every face! The hardcore, cum drenching, sexing sessions happening inside are in the capable hands (or pricks) of various porn stars, so the action is still red hot. If you don’t believe us, see the 811+ picture galleries inside highlighting the High Resolution action of dicks, asses, babes, tits, orgasm, and lots of hardcore-sexual fun. 

And when you want the pictures to add to your Peter North promo code collection ; use the .zip file provided to download whatever you desire. Interaction between Peter and his members/fans/followers/even haters is important, thus the interactive features inside his site. Information is disseminated, comments are given, questions answered, and forums created, so you will have plenty to involve yourself in once you become a member.

Thanks to the updating timetable established, you get an update every 2 days. Fame Digital Network (with thirty-something sites) is part of the package deal when you join Peter’s site. This means porn stars, sites, material, sex, models, cum, and hardcore temptation everywhere you look, great bonus! 

If you like quality hardcore, it would make sense to go to the guru and ask for some quality stuff. Peter North is a guru in every sense of the word! His site is great and will be a welcomed inclusion in your porn life, so hurry the “eff” up and get your membership today!

Sapphic Erotica


Sapphic Erotica Discount


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Sapphic Erotica is one of the premier sites on the internet for those who want to see pure woman on woman action and nothing else. the ultimate goal of Sapphic is to capture some of the most unique and sexy women going at each other.

While the primary concern of this type of site is that there will be limited content and niches, they manage to get past this with incredible ingenuity in their videos. When you log onto the Sapphic Erotica discount site, you will see their beautiful layout that is minimized in order to showcase the women better. They usually have a banner that greets you with some of the latest work that they have done in the studios. One of the most impressive numbers for an all-girl site is that they have close to one thousand different models who have starred in one of their one thousand five hundred video scenes. Usually the scenes last for five to fifteen minutes, meaning that you are not going to see any feature length work on this site, but you will still have many weeks of entertainment.

Sapphic Erotica is updated seven times a week with brand new material that always promises to make the site better and even more exciting. Another one of the best parts about this site is that they have a large forums section where you can see what they girls on the site are up to as well as their shooting schedules. You can schedule a question and answer session for the ones that have taken their persona public. Perhaps the greatest feature on this site from the perspective of a customer is the fact they have one of the best search functions that has ever graced an adult entertainment site. You can find any model and just about any video by entering a few pieces of information into the engine. Overall, this site is above average in terms of adult entertainment.

They have a lot of unique content and beautiful women, but Sapphic Erotica is limited in its complete implementation by the fact that the quality varies so much. It is definitely worth checking out, but there is not a lot of material to justify a long-term membership.



Videobox Discount


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Videobox has billed itself as having the absolute largest collection of porn on the entire internet and they may just be right about that. When you first log onto the site you are going to see that the layout is a complete mess. From all of the banners to all of the movement of the ads, you will not know which way to look. However, this does not mean that the site should be discarded. In fact it just means that it becomes more important to dig through the site to find everything that you are looking for.

One of their biggest selling points is that they have a lot of pictures on their site. Right now they have almost half a million different pictures. While the quality and the subject matter tends to vary, this is still an incredible collection that will keep you occupied for months. Not all of the pictures are exclusive, so you can count on seeing some duplicates and material from other sites. Another one of the best aspects of this site is the fact that they have an incredibly large video collection.

While the Videobox discount comes with over eighteen thousand different videos listed, many of them are broken down into scenes, giving them almost one hundred thousand unique videos. Short of a tube site, this is definitely the latest porn archive on the web. For the most part the videos have good quality and some are even in the modern age with 720p definition. Perhaps the best part about the site is that they have an almost unending list of niches that you can choose from. Just about any fetish that has ever been conceived can be found on this site in some form.

When it comes to joining the Videobox website, they have a monthly fee that is in the mid range, more than affordable for most people that are going to pay for a subscription. Overall, this is one of the very best sites on the web today. Not only do they have a massive collection of adult entertainment, but they present it in an interesting way on their site.