Digital Desire


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If you have bottomless desire and cravings for High Quality, erotically produced, multiple niche sexing, then Digital Desire is your panacea for sure! It’s how they do their thing, plus the material, producers, and performers that they use that makes their action so freaking intriguing. They have superb photos, pulsating videos, and a knack for making us shoot white juices all over the keyboard any time we review their action! 

The last time we peaked under their dress, they had 1133+ videos. These videos (a large percentage at least) are very High Quality action, with many bringing High Definition color and sound. The material that has been added to the site and lasted for a couple of years is very watchable, but may not be High Definition.

A lot of the material inside involves solo play, lesbian, toy fornication, and pussy display with the focus always revolving around quality, eroticism, artistic porn. With these guys, you get production that puts things and small touches like background music that gives way to the ever-pleasing moaning sounds of babes. Nothing is ever “overdone” or “under-produced” inside this site, they strive to make everything just right! 

The beauty of the gals inside this site can only be compared to mythological Greek goddess of beauty, Aphrodite! You will be zooming-in on the perfection of their bodies and be smiling with wicked lust when you check out these gals. From the picture gallery, some 2916+ photos are spewed forth for you to look at. You are given the .zip pack file for downloading and slideshow features inside.

A beautiful gal, shot in High Quality, High Resolution, alluring scenes is going to make anyone stop whatever they are doing, and just sip it all in. This is what happens inside this site. The “professional handlers of the camera lenses” know the right angles, settings, girls, positions, lighting, and all the little tricks of the trade to make you sweat like you are in a sauna! 

You will be ever so glad that you took your time and checked out the Digital Desire discount opportunity. The updating schedule shifts from 2 to 4 videos every week, while the pictures are posted in the “in-between days”. They have other services, features, forums, and interactive goodies to keep you circling their site ever busy, and constantly aroused.

Beauty is piled on beauty to create more beauty! That is what we feel these guys have been doing, and continue to do to us, and all their members. We recommend you give Digital Desire some serious consideration, if you want sultry babes in High Quality action!

Peter North


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Spending over two decades in one professional field is something that deserves praise. When you consider the fact that it is the porn industry, you come to have a new found respect for one “Peter North!”

This legend has been fornication on-screen longer than some break-out porn stars in the market today. You simply have to respect this dude. He now has made a shrine-of-sorts where his fan and non-fans (haters) can come and see his impressive material.

The site goes by his simple name, but it is far from simple by any standards. Lets delve in and see what kind of sexy filth we can smear ourselves with inside this site. 

Those of you who have followed this legend’s rise to immortality know that there are various sites out there he has produced over the years. They are good, but this official site is better! This is the spot where North seems to spend all his sexual energy and creativity nowadays.

Fans have no option but to join this site, while spectators and hatters can sample what Peter North has done for the industry, to the industry, for better or worse (mostly it’s for the better, but we are impartial cause we love Mr. North – the cumshot legend!) Inside this magnificent collection of hardcore material, you will run into some 2868+ videos that have been titrated from various DVD productions North has done over the years. 

If you consider the cumulative jizz that has been dropped inside all these videos, it’s enough to fill a big tank and then some! The site says that they have High Definition videos numbering 579+, and you can have them streamed or downloaded, the options are there and so are the formats and tools. Quality playback is what members receive on the videos that aren’t earmarked as High Definition.

Peter is not omnipresent, that is, he makes lots of appearances in the movies, but he doesn’t appear on each scene, inside each babe, jizzing on every face! The hardcore, cum drenching, sexing sessions happening inside are in the capable hands (or pricks) of various porn stars, so the action is still red hot. If you don’t believe us, see the 811+ picture galleries inside highlighting the High Resolution action of dicks, asses, babes, tits, orgasm, and lots of hardcore-sexual fun. 

And when you want the pictures to add to your Peter North promo code collection ; use the .zip file provided to download whatever you desire. Interaction between Peter and his members/fans/followers/even haters is important, thus the interactive features inside his site. Information is disseminated, comments are given, questions answered, and forums created, so you will have plenty to involve yourself in once you become a member.

Thanks to the updating timetable established, you get an update every 2 days. Fame Digital Network (with thirty-something sites) is part of the package deal when you join Peter’s site. This means porn stars, sites, material, sex, models, cum, and hardcore temptation everywhere you look, great bonus! 

If you like quality hardcore, it would make sense to go to the guru and ask for some quality stuff. Peter North is a guru in every sense of the word! His site is great and will be a welcomed inclusion in your porn life, so hurry the “eff” up and get your membership today!

Sapphic Erotica


Sapphic Erotica Discount


Only $20 bucks for a single month

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Sapphic Erotica is one of the premier sites on the internet for those who want to see pure woman on woman action and nothing else. the ultimate goal of Sapphic is to capture some of the most unique and sexy women going at each other.

While the primary concern of this type of site is that there will be limited content and niches, they manage to get past this with incredible ingenuity in their videos. When you log onto the Sapphic Erotica discount site, you will see their beautiful layout that is minimized in order to showcase the women better. They usually have a banner that greets you with some of the latest work that they have done in the studios. One of the most impressive numbers for an all-girl site is that they have close to one thousand different models who have starred in one of their one thousand five hundred video scenes. Usually the scenes last for five to fifteen minutes, meaning that you are not going to see any feature length work on this site, but you will still have many weeks of entertainment.

Sapphic Erotica is updated seven times a week with brand new material that always promises to make the site better and even more exciting. Another one of the best parts about this site is that they have a large forums section where you can see what they girls on the site are up to as well as their shooting schedules. You can schedule a question and answer session for the ones that have taken their persona public. Perhaps the greatest feature on this site from the perspective of a customer is the fact they have one of the best search functions that has ever graced an adult entertainment site. You can find any model and just about any video by entering a few pieces of information into the engine. Overall, this site is above average in terms of adult entertainment.

They have a lot of unique content and beautiful women, but Sapphic Erotica is limited in its complete implementation by the fact that the quality varies so much. It is definitely worth checking out, but there is not a lot of material to justify a long-term membership.



Videobox Discount


Only $12 bucks for a single month

and $8 bucks a month for one year


Videobox has billed itself as having the absolute largest collection of porn on the entire internet and they may just be right about that. When you first log onto the site you are going to see that the layout is a complete mess. From all of the banners to all of the movement of the ads, you will not know which way to look. However, this does not mean that the site should be discarded. In fact it just means that it becomes more important to dig through the site to find everything that you are looking for.

One of their biggest selling points is that they have a lot of pictures on their site. Right now they have almost half a million different pictures. While the quality and the subject matter tends to vary, this is still an incredible collection that will keep you occupied for months. Not all of the pictures are exclusive, so you can count on seeing some duplicates and material from other sites. Another one of the best aspects of this site is the fact that they have an incredibly large video collection.

While the Videobox discount comes with over eighteen thousand different videos listed, many of them are broken down into scenes, giving them almost one hundred thousand unique videos. Short of a tube site, this is definitely the latest porn archive on the web. For the most part the videos have good quality and some are even in the modern age with 720p definition. Perhaps the best part about the site is that they have an almost unending list of niches that you can choose from. Just about any fetish that has ever been conceived can be found on this site in some form.

When it comes to joining the Videobox website, they have a monthly fee that is in the mid range, more than affordable for most people that are going to pay for a subscription. Overall, this is one of the very best sites on the web today. Not only do they have a massive collection of adult entertainment, but they present it in an interesting way on their site.